Communications Systems

IT systems

We can supply various IT equipment as part of our consultancy/Integration solutions such as Wireless AP's, Servers, Routers, Switches etc.

Wireless Networks

We can supply any equipment required for our wireless network solutions, such as WLAN, to Microwave, to PTP, PTMP, Mesh etc.

Satellite Equipment

We can supply satellite equipment as part of our consultancy/integration solutions, such as VSAT, BGAN, Inmarsal, Iridium, Thuraya terminals.

Codan HF Radios

Heading outback and need emergency communications? Our Codan HF Radios might just allow the RFDS save your life.

Antenna Analysers / VNA's

HF/VHF/UHF antenna analysers/VNA's. These are 'value for money' Analysers/VNA's which are considerably cheaper than a 'site master' or other similar professional tools.

High Current 12v Power Supplies

15A, 25A and 45A PSU's.

HAM Radio / Amateur Radio

We stock a large range of HAM radio products ranging from Antennas, Analysers, Transceivers, Tuners, Amplifiers, PSU's to DIY Kits


IP Surveillance Cameras

Indoor, Outdoor, SD, HD, Fixed, PTZ, Motion Activated IP Cameras. Gone are the days of Analogue CCTV and Coax. We do high quality, reputable brand, digital IP CCTV products/systems.

IP Surveillance systems

IP Cameras, Encoders, Network and Storage systems.

GPS Trackers - Personal / Vehicle / Safety (Including Covert Tracking)

Track your employees/vechicles to ensure they're working, and safe. You can also keep an eye on employees 'abusing' work vehicles and work time.

GPS Tracking Systems (Fleet Tracking)

Fleet Vehicle tracking/logging, Live or logged tracking for Personnel/Equipment tracking. Throw away the vehicle logbooks. Track your valuable assets and protect them from theft/damage. This is 'cheap insurance', and you get to catch the crims.


Low powered FM transmitters

Telephone Tapping

Live or recorded telephone line tapping.

Audio Listening device

Live or recorded Audio listening devices.

Mobile phone Surveillance / Security / Tracking

Monitor and control any smartphone remotely.

Remote PC Surveillance

Monitor any PC's activities remotely.

Thermal Imaging

No ambient light required to use these cameras. These are perfect for 'high motion' scenes to differentiate between 'targets' and other motion.

Night Vision Goggles/Cameras

Lithium Polymer Battery packs

Our "Green-Packs" are the perfect companion for devices required long term in remote areas without power, such as bugs, cameras, motion sensors, Trackers etc...



You name it, We can get it for you (if we don't already have it).

Power supplies

15A, 25A and 45A Compact Power Supplies

HID Headlights

We stock H3/H4 HID Headlight conversion kits so you can bling up your 4x4.

Emergency Light Beacons for Vehicles

Our Amber beacon light kits consist of 4x sets of flashing LED's, and a control box which allows you to configure many different flashing modes.

Solar (PV) Power

Solar (PV) systems such as Solar Panels and Regulators

We stock Solar pannels, charge regulators, connectors/terminals suitable for fixed or Automotive use. These have been very popular amongst 4WD/Camping entheusiasts.

Goods / Parts Importing

We import any electronics equipment and parts (not typical consumer electrical goods). You name it, We can get it for you.