Android Radio Interfaces - In Stock

These interfaces allow you to use any compatible Android device such as a Tablet or Smartphone to control your radio for many data modes such as PSK, RTTY, CW/Morese, DTMF, HF Weather Fax, SSTV, Voice Keyer etc.

We also have cables to suit these interfaces, including cables to Android device, and Din/MiniDin radio cables.

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Bluetooth Radio Interface (CAT) - In Stock

We sell Bluetooth modules suitable for building your own Bluetooth Radio Interface.

With these modules, you can use an Android based device to remote control your radio via bluetooth.

X1M HF QRP HRD CAT control interface (CAT) - In Stock

This interface will allow you to use your PC to remotely control the X1M PRO HF QRP radio using HRD.

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