HF QRP Radio

X1M PRO Multiband/Multimode HF QRP - ON SPECIAL!!!

Frequency range TX/RX: 0.1 ~ 30 MHz

Modes: USB & LSB & CW

Power output: 5 Watts

Operating voltage: 12 vdc

Operating current: 0.35 ~ 1.2 amp

Receiver Preamplifier: Yes

Memory Channels: 100

RIT Function: Yes

Automatic Internal CW Keyer: Yes

Backlight On/Off: Yes

Keyboard lock: Yes

Dimensions: (W)97mm x (H)40mm x (L)155mm 3-13/16 x 1-9/16 x 6-1/8 inches

Weight: 0.65 kg

PTT Microphone: Included

Computer Control: Compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe (factory adapter required - Choose Icom IC-718 (5E) in HRD)

Five Ham Bands are configured with bandpass filtering. Transmitting on frequencies outside these ranges may require external bandpass filtering.

Band 1: 3.5 ~ 4.0 MHz

Band 2: 7.0 ~ 7.3 MHz

Band 3: 14.0 ~ 14.350 MHz

Band 4: 21.0 ~ 21.45 MHz

Band 5: 28.0 ~ 29.7 MHz

This radio CAN TX all HAM bands between 100khz and 30MHz with a minor/easy setting change, however external filtering would be required outside the above bands to reduce spurious/hamonic emmisions. We can supply single or double band pass filters in a kit form. Contact us if you would like to purchase these.

YES! This radio CAN be used for the new LF bands 2200m (135 KHz) and 630m (475 KHz).

External BPF/LPF flitering recommended for LF Bands.

Antenna Socket: Choice of BNC or PL-259/SO-239 (We stock both models)

We are also offering LiPo batteries, chargers and 20W RF Amplifiers to work with these radios.

X1M PRO (Platinum) Only $449 AUD (RRP $599 AUD) On Special!!!!

You do the math... These sell in the US for US$360 +US$35 Delivery to Australia (a total of US$395).

Convert US$395 to AUD and the total comes to about AU$550 !!!

We send via AusPost, Express Post Service ($15), which can be as quick as the very next day (depending on your post code and dispatch time).

For our International customers, the price is $330 USD. International shipping is typically about

$30 USD, so total delivered to your door is only $360 USD.

IN STOCK!! email us your orders!!!

We are also offering LiPo batteries, Chargers and 20W RF Amplifiers to work with these radios.

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User Manual, Tips and Tricks pdf at bottom of this page.

X1M Yahoo Group here.

X108G Now In Stock!!!! (X108 kit now obsolete)

On Special - Only AU$749 (RRP $949AUD)

International customers can purchase this radio for $530 USD. Shipping is typically only $30-35 USD, so delivered to your door a total of $560 USD. We challenge you to find a better deal!!!

The brand new X108G is a compact single conversion HF transceiver covering 0.5 to 30MHz. Boasting the latest in minimalist industrial design, it offers radio amateurs high quality HF capability at a very affordable price.

Attention to detail abounds in the X108G

–the IF crystal filter stage, for instance, features customised military grade crystals for superb performance in both SSB (2.4 kHz) and CW (500 Hz) modes.

Other features include a switchable AGC circuit, preamplifier and signal attenuator, RIT control for SSB use, and RF output power variable from 1 to 20 Watts. The front panel meter can display incoming signal strength, RF output power and VSWR, and the transceiver includes high VSWR protection circuitry to guard against potential damage to the output stage caused by antenna mismatching.

The RF output stage features imported RFMOS Transistors and APC circuitry for constant output across all bands. A noise blanker (NB) module is available as an option, as is a high stability 0.5 ppm TCXO module.

A multi-function digital microphone is supplied as standard, allowing direct operation of many transceiver functions with out the need to touch the front panel.

Up to 32 frequencies can be stored in the X108G's memory bank, while a dedicated USB port is provided on the rear of the unit, allowing PC control via appropriate software with the use of a standard USB A-B cable.


  1. Receiver:

  2. Low noise, single conversion super heterodyne type

  3. Double balanced diode mixer for extended dynamic range

  4. 0.2μV receive sensitivity (preamp on)

  5. Narrow band double tuned bandpass filters covering all HF amateur frequencies including WARC bands

  6. Six element LPF

  7. IF channel AGC for constant gain

  8. Switchable preamplifier & signal attenuator

  9. High performance narrow band IF crystal filter with shape factor up to 1.7

  10. Twin VFO for split operation

  11. S-meter/RF Power/SWR via front panel display

  12. Optional NB module

  13. Optional front and rear handles


  1. RF Output power adjustable between 1 & 20 Watts

  2. Dedicated MOS RF power tube for superior performance

  3. High VSWR protection circuitry for output stage

  4. Inbuilt CW keyer with adjustable rate


Stray radiation rejection: ≥40 dBc

Receive frequency range: 0.5~30 MHz

Transmitting frequency range: All HF Amateurbands including WARC bands

Operating mode: SSB (J3E)

CW (A1A)

AM (A3E)

Frequency stability: 1.0 ppm @ -10℃~+60℃ (Standard)

0.5 ppm @ -20℃~+75℃ (with optional military grade TCXO)

Receive sensitivity: 0.2 uV

IF filter: SSB 2.4 kHz (-6dB)

CW 0.5 kHz (-6dB)

Dynamic range: 95dB

RF output power (max): 20 W

Spurious response rejection: ≥ 45 dBc

Carrier suppression: ≥ 45 dBc

Antenna impedance: 50 Ω

Antenna connector: SO239

Operating voltage: 12.5 V ~ 14.5 V DC

Current draw:

Receiving: 0.75 A (max)

Transmitting: 7 A (max)

Dimensions(mm): 120 x 45 x 180