Radio Gizmo's

APRS / GPS Equipment

Various items to allow your radio to send APRS beacon data (GPS Tracking information)

We also offer fully configured APRS systems suitable for vehicles.


This DVDongle allows you to connect to the gloabl DSTAR radio network using your computer.

VHF/UHF Linear Amplifier (50W)

Use this amplifier to get 50W from your dual band handheld radio or 100W from your QRP HF Radio

VHF Linear Amplifier (50W)

Use this amplifier to get 50W from your handheld radio

UHF Linear Amplifier (50W)

Use this amplifier to get 50W from your 5W handheld radio

UHF Repeater (10W)

This is a UHF repeater unit capable of 10W (16 Channels)

UHF "Backpack" Repeater

Self contained Repeater with antenna and 20Ah power in a 'backpack'.

These units are perfect for 'emergency' radio communications or testing locations for potential repeater sites.

Repeater Controller / CWID'er

It can act as a simple 10-minute timer with audio and visual outputs to remind you when it's time to ID.

Its real application, however, is as an automatic Morse code IDer and simple repeater controller.

    • ID timer with Morse code output

    • Keyed CW, audio, and PTT outputs

    • PTT/audio combination for keying HTs

    • 2-channel audio mixer for repeater audio & ID

    • Filtering & de-emphasis for repeater audio

    • Simple serial port configuration

Repeater Controller

This controller allows you to connect two Wouxun Handheld Radio together to make a repeater.

Simplex Repater Controller (Parrot)

This interface allows you to use any radio as a "Parrot" Repeater.

Remote-Head "Gooseneck" car mounts

Mount your radio's remote-head in a convenient location in your car.

Motorola GM-300 / GR-300 Repeater Interface cable

This interface will allow you to use 2x Motorola GM-300's 'back-to-back' as a repeater.

Motorola GM-300 Antenna Adaptors

These convert the Antenna connector on a Motorola GM-300 to a SO-239 socket (so you can connect a PL-259)

Motorola GM-300 Power Cables

Heavy duty power cables to suit Motorola GM-300 radios

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