UV950P - Quad Band Mobile (10m/6m/2m/70cm)

QUAD BANDS Transmission (including SW)

EIGHT BANDS Reception (including AM & SW)

* Frequency Range Suitable for any Region of any Country:

FM:TX 26-29.995MHz / 50-53.995MHz / 136-174.995MHz /


FM:RX 26-29.995MHz / 50-53.995MHz / 65-108.000MHz /


320-349.995MHz / 400-480.995MHz / 700-987.995MHz

AM:RX 108-135.995MHz

* Band can be Set Freely(V/U U/V V/V U/U)

* Dual Reception(Twin Band Simultaneous Reception)

* Dual Display(Large LCD Dual Frequency Display,Two Completely Independent Operating Systems

* Over 999 Memory Channels-Area Scanning Management Capability

* Remote-head Mounting Capability Multiple Installation Types,Convenient Usage

* Full Duplex Cross-Band

* Both Station can Form Combined Same Band or Different Band Repeat

* High Output Power(VHF:50W,UHF:40W)

* CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode

* Multiple Speaker Channel Settings

* DTMF Hand Microphone,with Speaker,TX/RX Indicator and Volume Controller

* Incoming Message Display(Caller ID display)

* DTMF Encoding and Decoding

* Group Calls,All Calls and Selective Calls

* 8 groups Scrambler (Optional)

* Priority Channel Scanning

* APO Power Mangement

* English Voice guide

* Minimum Operating Voltage Alarm

* Stun and Kill Function

* Single Tone Pulse Frequency(2100Hz/1750Hz/1450Hz/1000Hz)

---Used when Acticating Repeater Signal

* Selectable Three Color Backlight

* Reduced Noise Settings

* Remote Control Setting

* Frequency/Channel Scanning with CTCSS/DCS Detection

* Multiple Cooling Paths Fan

from Only AUD$519ea