Dual Bander (VHF & UHF)

Dual Band 5W Handheld

128CH with DTMF and CTCSS

144-148, 430-440MHz (136-174, 400-520 capable)

These Dual Band HH Radios come pre-programmed with all 2m/70cm Simplex and Repeater Frequencies.

They can be edited to your liking.

All radios come standard with Battery, Antenna, Desktop charger, Belt Clip, Wrist strap and manual.

UVD1P - 5W 128CH 2m with DTMF and CTCSS - from $129 (Expect to pay ~$200 elsewhere in Australia)

Has Dual VFO so that you can monitor two frequencies.

All of our Amateur Radios sold to the public are pre-programmed with all of the repeater frequencies, and the main simplex frequencies ready to go. So, when you receive it, you can use it straight away without having to spend hours programming it up. Other vendors either don't offer this service at all, or they chage a minimum of $30.


See specification sheet and product review below.