HAM Radio

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23cm Handheld, including 2m/70cm.

Amplifiers (RF)

With our amplifiers, you can get up to 100W on 2m/70cm using our Wouxun Radios


VHF/UHF to suit our Wouxun Radios, and to suit our HF QRP Radios

Antenna Tuners

HF/6m Antenna Tuners to suite our HF QRP Radios


Various items to allow your radio to send APRS beacon data (GPS Tracking information)

We also offer fully configured APRS systems suitable for vehicles.


Very High Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery Packs.


We stock 5A LiPo / LiIon / NiMH / Pb ballancing chargers to suit our LiPo "Green-Pack" Batteries.


This DVDongle allows you to connect to the gloabl DSTAR radio network using your computer.

HF QRP Radio

This is a TINY Multiband HF QRP Transceiver.

Power Supplies

Use our high powered PSU's to power our Wouxun Mobile or our HF QRP Radios.

Radio Gizmo's

Various Radio Related items

RF Antenna Analyser

HF/VHF/UHF Antenna Analysers

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Use your computer as a radio!


We have extra strong, Carbon Fibre (not weak fibre-glass) squid poles suitable for portable antenna setups such as SOTA and field days.

These are pefect to use with our HF QRP Radio

Wouxun Radios

Handheld and Mobile Dual Band radios and associated accessories to suit.

email us your requirements.