ArgentData APRS

We stock & sell ArgentData APRS tracking equipment and can express post 'next day' delivery to anywhere in Australia!

OpenTracker OT3 APRS Tracker/ Digipeater - $110 AUD

The Tracker3 is a top of the line APRS tracker. It includes advanced features such as detailed waypoint output to NMEA, Garmin, and Magellan GPS receivers, full APRS digipeater support, remote control and configuration, KISS protocol support, weather station support, and the ability to use almost any combination of those features simultaneously. It is available as a stand-alone unit, a plug-in board for the Alinco DR-135T, or with an integrated 5-watt transceiver.

OpenTracker OT1USB APRS Tracker - $55 AUD

The OpenTracker USB replaces the OpenTracker+, and incorporates almost all of the features of the Tracker2 (excluding only digipeater and Garmin binary protocol support). The addition of native USB support makes connecting the tracker to a PC for setup or tethered operation easier than ever.

OpenTracker SMT APRS Tracker. The minature version of the above, about the size of a stamp. - $45 AUD

OpenTracker UT1USB Bundle (Tracker/GPS/Radio cables) - $110 AUD

GPS 'mouse' to suit ArgentData - $50 AUD

ArgentData power and radio cables to suit Wouxun Handhelds - $20 AUD

ArgentData power & Radio Cable to 8pin Din (Yaesu/Icom etc) - $20 AUD

We can also provide a complete APRS solution, pre-configured with VHF 5W Handheld radio and external MagMount antenna at competitive prices.

Argent Repeater Controller

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