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Alinco DJ-G7 - 5Watt Tri-Band HT - 2m / 70cm / 23cm - Only AU$Out of stock

We can provide pre-programming of this radio to cover all of the Australian Repeater and major/key Simplex frequencies.

TX: 144.000 - 147.995MHz / 430.000 - 449.995MHz / 1240.000 - 1299.995MHz

Sub-band RX: 0.530 -1299.995MHz

1000 channels + 1 call channel per ham bands+50 programmed-scan pairs+100 dual-memory+100 priority+100 serch-pass

Power: DC 7.4V (EBP-73 Li-Ion battery pack) / DC 4.5 - 16V (external regulated source)

Output Power: 144MHz/430MHz 5/2/1/0.3W,1200MHz 1/0.3W

Full Manufacturer's Specifications HERE

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